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SOA: Principles of Service Design

This is a very good summary of SOA Service Design Principles. SOA: Principles of Service Design Poster

I’ll comment on the content, in a later blog entry.

This will probably be the start of series of entries dealing with:

  • Establishing a SOA Architecture in an enterprise,
    • Establishing the principles of “SOA good service design”
    • Establishing the implementation of “SOA good service design”
  • BPEL – Build service orchestration
    • There is bound to be some interesting thoughts on Security, Compensating Transactions, and other BPEL issues
  • BPMN Diagramming – Describing Business Processes

I’ve a number of the SOA books on order at my favourite book shop (Dymocks – Belconnen). The poster is some of the additional material from one of those books. So, there are bound to be some comments on the value of the books, and what they have to say.


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