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Talking about 10 free Microsoft programs worth checking out | 10 Things |


          Here is a  link to a useful article which lists 10 free, usefull useful tools, for Windows.

10 free Microsoft programs worth checking out | 10 Things |

Of the `10, I use about half at present. I’m going to grab a copies of Paint.Net, the Virtual Obervatory, and ServerQuest.



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Interesting Phrases Encountered today

"to derail a train of thought".

Another one of those which falls into the category of "probably coined by multiple people". Google has a number of links to the the phrase. I cannot claim to be the originator of this one. Again, another colour piece of English usage.

“can’t stop the merry-go-round to paint the horses”

Another one of those picturesque phrases. This is probably unique, Google does not find it as a phrase. Again, I cannot claim to have coined this one.

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Quick Crepe Dessert

This is a quick dessert tip.

Simply, these frozen crepes Creative Gourmet French Style Crepes, are very good.

How good? As good as a home made one, with no preparation, no standing over the stove trying to get the cooking time correct, and no cleaning up after. They are good enough to eat with just some good maple syrup (the real stuff, not imitation).

Preparation is simple, just a 1 ½minutes in the microwave on 75% power (2 crepes). The result is a pair of warm crepes, ready for you have hot. Just add some maple syrup, or ice cream, and there you have a quick dessert.

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