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Pie Dish Quandary


I’m thinking about starting to take a lunch to work. No, big problems so far.  Where the quandaries start coming in are I’d like to take a pie and salad. Should be simple you think. Well I’m starting to make it complex for myself.

Pies and Pie Dishes

Making a pie is not the issue I’ve plenty of recipes for pie fillings. Handling pastry, the frozen pre-rolled versions, is not “rocket science”. Making the pastry myself would be razing the bar, probably too high.

The what issue which has me pondering is: “What sort of dish to use for the pie?”. Criteria which I wish to work within is a single serve pie, not a big pie which needs to be carved up.

Pie Dish Options

I’m take with the Maxwell & WIlliamns Microstoven Microstoven Range. The idea of using a ceramic pie dish has some appeal. I’ve am underlying belief that the ceramic gives a more even heat, hence a better bake (a completely unproven assertion on my part). Also, one can use this bake ware in the microwave, so the reheating of a pie at work becomes much simpler. The quandary at this point breaks down to the choice between the two options below.

Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Fluted Flan 13×5.5cm Red 

Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Round Au Gratin Dish 13.5cm Red



  1. Will the fluted dish be too hard to line with pastry?
  2. Will the round dish be easier to work with? (the converse of the preceding question)
  3. Which will hold more? (an important question when considering my lunch – don’t want me dying of lack of food!) Tags: ,,,,

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What do you call it?

This is an interesting question which I’m at a loss to what the correct answer is.

The circumstance

This occurred between myself and Russel (my guitar teacher).

We independently came to the idea the “Stair Way to Heaven”, and the introduction to the song in particular, would be the next thing which I attempted. I’m sure we have not discussed learning this piece previously.

The Question

What does on call this type of coincidence?

Options I Have Tried for Size

    • Synchronicity . This does not quite fit as it is more about connecting event, than coming to a choice at the same time from divergent perspectives.
    • Serendipity . This is more the “lucky accident” in meaning. Or, “find something, when looking for something else”.
    • Coincidence . This more of the flavour of the same time, but does not encompass the “same thought or conclusion” aspect of the situation.


Please leave a comment with your suggestion if you have a more accurate term for this type of happening.

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