What do you call it?

This is an interesting question which I’m at a loss to what the correct answer is.

The circumstance

This occurred between myself and Russel (my guitar teacher).

We independently came to the idea the “Stair Way to Heaven”, and the introduction to the song in particular, would be the next thing which I attempted. I’m sure we have not discussed learning this piece previously.

The Question

What does on call this type of coincidence?

Options I Have Tried for Size

    • Synchronicity . This does not quite fit as it is more about connecting event, than coming to a choice at the same time from divergent perspectives.
    • Serendipity . This is more the “lucky accident” in meaning. Or, “find something, when looking for something else”.
    • Coincidence . This more of the flavour of the same time, but does not encompass the “same thought or conclusion” aspect of the situation.


Please leave a comment with your suggestion if you have a more accurate term for this type of happening.

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