Building a Windows Live Writer Plug-in

The programmer in me is getting itchy  fingers.

I started looking at building some smart buttons for the creative writing I’m putting up here.

It’s been a bit of a journey, but I think I’ve two ideas for plug-in I’d like to have in the Windows Version of Live Writer. These are:

  • Something which will remember I like writing in Calibri 12 point. Also could extend to sorting out the headings formatting in this editor as well. Then start making more that a handful of styles available for characters, or paragraphs (starting to sound like the features in a full WP package).
  • Something which lets me “link” the blog post of the creative writing together. What I want is a couple of buttons (pretty ones), which simply give a next segment, previous segment, start of story. Then the megalomaniac says starts, and groups the story segments in to chapters, and allows for multiple stories with different images in the buttons, oh and does it automatically (or at least lets the linkages be done from a list of the previous post [in a category?]).

Is it hard, first blush not really. This lays out the start of the process: Developing Plugins for Windows Live Writer. The first page does not look too hard (easy-peasy) really. The problems, and complexity, will probably be in the next two pages, and in what I expect to achieve.

I’ll post more on these projects as inspiration turns into reality.


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