Building A Font Setting Pluggin – Part 2


XCOPY return code 4

Error 1 The command "XCOPY /D /Y /R "c:userscraigdocumentsvisual studio 10ProjectsFontSettingPluginFontSettingPluginbinDebugFontSettingPlugin.dll" "C:Program FilesWindows LiveWriterPlugins"" exited with code 4. FontSettingPlugin

From the command line the response if “access denied”.

Then the “penny dropped”, Vista UAC is the problem. A quick bit of Setting the Security on the directory, and fixed.

Loading Writer – Cannot Find my GIF.

This one has taken some time to fix. A couple of elements in the solution.


    My predilection to use a a namespace which is unique, hence avoiding namespace collisions, was part of the problem.

    I need to set the project default namespace. Project Properties.
    Getting the gif file bound into the output assembly. Make sure you have the properties set correctly (Build Action and Namespace – being the most important:

The the code which links all the bits together (note the use of the “full stops” in location, and the case sensitivity [would appear to be case sensitive]).

        "Font Setting Plugin", 
        Description="Sets the font for the currently selected text",
        ImagePath = "Resources.FontIcon.gif",
        Name="Font setting plugin",



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