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Visual Web Developer Team Blog : Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 – Intellisense Issue in Javascript/HTML.


Visual Web Developer Team Blog : Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 – Intellisense Issue in Javascript/HTML.

This bug bit me.

I have just starting out playing with HTML, and Visual Studio 2010 was the first version I’d tried playing in. I was disappointed that Visual Studio was not giving me:

  • Intellisense for the HTML tags,
  • Intellisense for imbedded CSS elements (yes, I’ve developed that far), or
  • A properties editor for the HTML elements.

All of these are symptoms of the bug, which the above link describes how to fix.

The quick fix, edit the registry did not work for me. The second fix, Tools –> Import/Export Settings –> Just rest, Don’t Save –> Web Development –> Finish. Did work, all of the features which were not working, now function correctly. What a change for the better.

How did I tumble to it being a problem with VS 2010 Beta 2? At work I was going to create a HTML signature for my Notes Mail, the only way to put font information onto the signature block. I have developed an overt hatred for “Default Sans Serif”, which is what Notes is deciding I should be using. At work I’ve VS 2008, and lo and behold all of the above features were working.


This fix has probably saved me a bucket of money. I was toying with the idea of buying Microsoft Expression to give me a “smart” Web development platform. But as they say in the classics, “I’ll keep my powder dry” on that choice, although I may go for the upgrade from an Office product solution.

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