Rhetorical Questions to Ask Yourself at Work

As alluded to in a previous post, this post repackages some of the thoughts which I put into a recent job application.

I’ve put this up as a separate post because I suspect that the grains of wisdom which are contained here could of user for others.



What don’t I know about this?

The answer to this question frequently prompts me to conduct further research into a topic. My role as an Enterprise Architect frequently has me asking this question.

Do I need to know more about this?

I am the first to admit that my knowledge of a subject is not complete. The positive answer to the question frequently prompts me to conduct further research into a topic, request training in the topic, or seek advice from others (internal to the ASB or externally).

What could I have done better?

This form of self-assessment is something that I frequently apply to my own performance at work.

What need doing?

The capacity to determine what needs doing, and by whom, is one which I exercise frequently. This one is applied with only one eye on the project plan; the other eye is on the broader picture.

What are the broader consequences of this?

Working in an Enterprise Architect Practice, has me asking this type of question frequently. There is strong need to assess choices, and decisions in a broader, enterprise wide context. This perspective allows to one to see the strategic directions which should be taken, rather than the tactical (or point solutions) choices which are made.


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