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Merry Christmas, one and all!

Well I’m sitting back with my feet up ready for the arrival of Christmas Day.

The presents are wrapped, a longwinded operation. Made longer by me loosing the self-adhesive tags for the presents. That, resulted in another trip to the shopping mall. Finding a park in the parking lot was not too much of a bother. Getting another bunch of stickers did not take too long. The plus was that I took the opportunity to buy lunch, at 2:00, from Bakes Delight (I do enjoy their Mexican Pizza).

My contribution to Christmas lunch was some single serve pavlovas. They do seem to have worked out ok. The proof of the pavs will be in the eating tomorrow.

A tip for those using Glad Bake on baking trays, spray a bit of oil on the tray, keeps the baking paper “nailed down” when your working with it.

The mini pavs kept the oven tied up most of the morning, with the 1 hour baking time, and the cooling off period as well. So, the ginger biscuits which I was going to make fell by the wayside.

I’ve also invented a new mythical monster. The “house monster”, which eats the things you have lost in the house. I think It should have a children’s book written about it. Or, maybe it will be a bit of colour added to some of my fantasy writing.

Also, I’ve taken a new Microstoven Pie dish for the first baking. I’ve made a ham and egg pie, or a ham quiche. The pie dish has worked very well. A bit of a spray of oil before putting the pastry (frozen short crust ready rolled) into the dish.

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The Getting Promoted and Merry Christmas Craig Guitar


This picture is from the Ibanez web site. It is an Ibanez ART420.

I take a couple of happy snaps of mine tomorrow.

I must say it looks better “in the flesh” than the picture gives it credit for.

The active active humbuckers are a  new experience, a very different sound texture.

All up the guitar feels “dam good”, very light (compared to the Fender Stratocaster I’ve been using), very nice. It may just be the push which gets me playing more competently (the guitar and lots more practice). Tags: ,
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Promotion To A New Organisation


I’ve been looking outside my current employer for a promotion for the last couple of months. I’ve “thrown my hat in the ring” for a couple of opportunities, during that period.

Why have I been looking?

I’ve been with my current employer for more the 27 years (would have been 28 years come the 4th of February 2010).

The last 12 month have not been a positive time, for my current organisation. Their have been a number of development, and changes, which quite simply I don’t agree with.

Many of those changes, convinced me that the possibility of achieving a promotion within that organisation had a probability of ≈ 0 (I’ll give a bit of a chance to the possibility, but not much). I could have increased the probability of promotion, I’ve become a non-technical management clone (or automaton), but I enjoy the technical side of the IT game too much.

The Promotion

I’ve secured a promotion to a position with a small organisation to fill the following roles:

  • SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) Architect. This a role I’ve been trying to facilitate within my current organisation for many years, with some success. I look forward to being in a position to really drive that process, and architecture forward in a new organisation.
  • Technical Leader. This is an another role I have developed myself into over the years. Being a teacher, tutor, mentor, demonstrator of new technologies, approaches, or techniques, is something which I do enjoy.  Frequently, one feels like “Johnny Appleseed”, casting the seeds and watch those ideas take root, and then “bear the sweet fruits of success”.
  • C#/.Net Developer. Again, a role I’m very comfortable with. I know more than enough C# to be really useful as a developer. That knowledge I keep adding to, MSDN and StackOverflow being among my favourite sources.

The Future

Well , start the Monday the 19th of January (if the promotion gets notified in the Gazette tomorrow). I’ll be checking myself, just to make sure that it happens.

I’ve a meeting with my peers, next week, at which I’d like to get a handle on just what the .Net technology stack they are using looks like. It could be that I have a bit of swatting up to do for my Christmas break. Getting some reference books in may be a bit difficult, with the Christmas shutdown, but hopefully MSDN and StackOverflow will provide enough background (or background links) to fill in any gaps.

I’ve a 27+ years worth of accumulation to clear out, box up, or feed to the paper recycling bin.

There will have to be a farewell. Given the workload in the area, I may have to run it myself.

A job for tomorrow. Set the date Friday the 15th of January. Location, probably the Thai (or the one of the Chinese) down by the lake. The invite list (that will take some thinking about). Also, must consider printing off a couple of business cards with this blogs URL (for a selected group of my friends).

The getting promoted present (to me, from me). That will be the start of an electric guitar collection (on the basis that more than one makes a collection).

The Apology

To any of my readers, who have noticed a fall off in my posting frequency. I’ve sort of know about this for a little while (got it down to a 50/50 chance with the second interview and two applicants), and been hanging in a “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” loop since then. That “wheel spinning” loop, I did not want to share in my blog. The frustration, impatience,  just “hurry up” – as Blackboard would say in Mr Squiggle, would have bleed through into my writing. Now, that it is all “signed, sealed and delivered” +/- the Gazettal tomorrow, and any appeals. Tags: ,,,
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