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Getting the Netgear DGN2000 Working at 130Mbps


This post is another in the series of blog post resulting in the upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista. The previous post in this series was Faster Wireless Network. This post deals with the finally setting up of the Netgear DGN2000 Wireless Modem Router.


Previously, I had  the modem router connecting to the Dell Notebook Wireless 1510 Wireless N WLAN Mini-Card connecting at 1Mbps (in other words as slow as treacle). This connection speed meant that I kept the Notebook connected with the Ethernet cable (not my preferred solution).

After much hunting on the internet I could not find an answer to this extremely slow connection speed.

The “Solution”

I have a Netgear Wireless G USB network adaptor which decided to test with the Netgear “Push to Connect functionality”.

image So I opened up the web page for the modem router and selected the “Add a WPS Client” function. Selected the next button and attempted to connect the USB network adaptor. What resulted was that a couple of “fails” (Windows reported failed to connect). But, finally I had a connection with the USB adaptor.

What I’d achieved at the same time was to get the Dell Mini Card to connect at N speeds at the same time. See below taken from the Windows Task Manager.



Why did it work?

I wish I new! I’ve a couple of hypothesises as to what has happened. I am certain that I tried to get the “Push To Connect” to work before and no success. So, one of the following (or a combination of them) may be the reason as to why it is not working successfully. My measure of successfully is that after a reboot the connection is re-established at the 130Mbps speed. Alternatives explanations:

  • Perseverance has been rewarded. Simply put, I finally fluked it!
  • The USB has installed something “Netgear friendly” into  the device driver stack. This is a possibility which I cannot discount.


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