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Ending an Era

Well, today is the last day of my summer holidays. A break from working five days a week, which I have very much enjoyed.

There was a long list of things around the house I thought I’d like to get done, much of which are still undone. I’ve made progress with a couple of projects which is satisfying.

The most notable success is getting my “hand back in” with my new electric guitar. I think I’ve made some good progress “mastering the art”. But, as I see some skills get better, I start to realise what more there is to master. I’ll have my first lesson next week. I’m not sure what directions my tuition should take, I’ll leave it to Russel to guide me there.

Tomorrow, I head back to work. A short week with a only a couple of major objectives. Those objective are:

  • Complete the separation form (and hence, complete the separation procedure).
  • Handover what I can to whoever can take over the tasks. I’m not sure who there will be take over many of the things I have “on the boil”.
  • Extract the last of ≈ 30 years Craig’s office stuff (I should say junk, but it’s stuff I value). I’ve over the holiday period pulled all of my reference library out of the office, and transported it back home.
  • Do a couple (I’ve at least one scheduled already) exit interviews, and
  • Have a farewell celebration.

The exit interviews, and the farewell, have me in a reflective mood. I’ve been reflecting on a number of things, which include:

  • How should one, or can one, draw a set of concluding remarks about nearly 30 years in an organization.
    • There have been many people I’ve worked with, or for, that should thank.
    • There have been many projects which I’ve contributed to. Projects which have contributed to my professional development, as well as leaving some lasting legacies for the organisation.
    • There are many things left undone. There are a number of “works in progress” which I will be walking away from. Some, I hope to hand on to others to complete. But, many have been, almost, my “personal crusades” to improve the ways the organisation does things. Many of those will just have to “fall by the wayside”.
  • What should I say in the exit interviews. I’m not looking to “burn any bridges” here, so I will be circumspect in my comments and observations. But, there are probably some messages which I’d like to get through. Would those messages be heeded? I doubt it! So, it may be a case of “better remain silent and be thought a fool, than open ones mouth and prove it”.
  • The farewell is scheduled for Friday lunchtime. So, I’ve some time to think about what I want to say at the assembly. It will be interesting to see what form the agenda takes. I expect that I’ll need to have more than a couple of words prepared.
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