Betwixt and Between

Well, it has been an interesting couple of days.

Friday, I closed a chapter of my life which had been running for almost  28 years. Friday as the last day of my working life in an organisation which had been my only full time employer. I completed the separation form, and the act of leaving in the process. Yes, what do you expect from the Public Service a form for all occasions.

Monday morning, bright and not too early (I have to wait for someone to arrive), I start in the new organisation.

So, I’ve spent the weekend “between job”. Hence, the title for this blog post.

I’ve been feeling a bit dislocated. Not, quite in the right place. It has been a bit unsettling.

For the first time in many years, I don’t have a work pass (an identity as an employee of an organisation). I don’t quite feel that belong anywhere in the workforce. Maybe, this is a bit of a premonition of what retiring will feel like. I suspect that retiring (of ones own volition) would be a bit easier, in that mentally one has time to prepare, anticipate and fortify oneself for the change in life.

But, (my English teachers can be damned, I will start this sentence with BUT) all of that will change in a rush tomorrow. I’ve a new organisation expecting me. The Commonwealth Gazette, published the fact that I’m being promoted to an EL2 there, and all of the forms were signed before Christmas. So, I’ve a new chapter in my career to start tomorrow.

I’ve a bit of mental reprogramming to perform in the process of moving to a new organisation. I’ve many years of using the “royal we” to refer to the old organisation, and my role within it. Now, I have to make the “phase change” and start thinking about the new organisation, and my role there, in the “royal we” sense. I’ll have to put a set of “mental guard dogs on my tongue”, and run an auto-correct on my thinking. It will be an interesting day.

I’ve been sort of expecting to have that “first day in the new school” feeling. But, (another raspberry to my English teachers) that has perception has yet to manifest. I’ll wait for the drive to the new office, and the genuine start of the new chapter in my working life.

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