Upgrading from 32bit to 64bit Windows 7


This post continues the saga of the installation Windows 7 (previous post The start of the saga)

Problem 1 Resolved – Sort Of

I’ve finally got the machine to boot from the DVD – the 64 bit one at that!


Hit F2 when the BIOS is loading (the first thing after a reboot). Change the sequence that the machine was looking for bootable devices. The original settings had the hard drive before the DVD. What was needed was the DVD before the hard drive.


  1. I was on the right track to start with, but fell down a “trap for young players”. I should have been smarter (but then again, it is the first time I’ve done this, so I’ll let myself off – just this once).
  2. Waiting for the next “issue” to be fixed". At present it is quite happily “Expanding Windows Files” (I hope it does not jamb up like it did in the Vista upgrade).

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