WordPress Tips #1: How Much Space Am I Using?


I will try and post a series of short tip on using WordPress for blogging. I’ve been “exploring” WordPress for a couple of weeks and have found a few things which may be useful to pass on.

WordPress and Space

If you have not discovered this piece of information previously, by default you are allowed 3GB on WordPress (that’s the free default allocation). What happens when you reach that limit? I have no idea, and I’m miles away from that limit at present.

WordPress offers space upgrades on the “Administration –> Upgrades –> Upgrades” menu, which shows how much extra space for you blogging will cost. WordPressUpgradesMenu

The Tip: How Much Space Am I Using On WordPress?

If you want to see how much of the space allocation you are currently using on WordPress (and this is the only way I’ve found so far to display this information). Follow the following steps:

  • From the “New Posts” menu item on the Dashboard Page. WorpressNewPostClosed
  • Select the “Upload Files” Option. WorpressNewPostOpen
  • On that screen is the Space Used, your Allocation, and the percentage used. WordPressUploadSpace


This information is not in an “obvious” place. Subsequent versions of WordPress may put this information in a more obvious place, but for now this is where I’ve found it.

Finding out which version of WordPress you’re using is another mystery at present. I’ve not stumbled upon that piece of information, as yet. I can foresee another “voyage of discovery“ through WordPress coming up.


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