Another Reason Why I Won’t Buy Apple Products – The Pentalobe Screw


When I first read of the pentalobe screw (see: List of screw drives – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for all of the variants) being installed, and retro-fitted on service (really “dirty pool” by Apple Service Technicians in my opinion), into Apple iPhones, I must admit my reaction was “typical Apple” again! I’m old enough to remember the days of the Apple II, for those not old enough (see: Apple II series – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Simply put, this was an Apple II was a computer which invited the hobbyists to extend, modify and generally have fun with. Since, those days, Apple has change to a company which attempts to completely control, and siphon every dollar it can from your wallet in the process, you computing experience.

The pentalobe screw is just another example of the lengths to which Apple will attempt to lock you into their “version of the universe”. In my opinion this “version of the universe” is one in which you pay, pay, and pay some more, to Apple.

Some Background links on the topic

The Age – Apple tightens the screws on iPhone 4: sources

Pentalobe Screwdriver, Apple New Screws

Apple screws DIY fixit types with Pentalobe

Apple Quietly Starts Tamper-Proofing Devices with Obscure Screws

Pentalobe Liberation Kit

This is not an endorsement, just is you need to find one here is a link.

Pentalobe Screwdriver

Again, this is not an endorsement, simply if you need a pentalobe screwdriver here some links on Amazon.


  • The lengths that Apple will go to in efforts to ensure you are locked in to Apple’s way of “doing things”, continue to disappoint me.
  • This is yet another reason why I’m still not going to buy anything from Apple.

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