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Office 2010 – Beta – The start of a saga


This is first post on the Office 2010 beta. I expect I’ll find some things that I like, and dislike, in the products, which I’ll share.

I’ve just installed the products, and am writing this in the Word 2010 Blog. It seems to work well. It seems to be more functional than the previous Word Blog integration.

A big minus is that the paste Picture, like eth Live Writer, seems to be earth (file system) bound. I much prefer posting images, which are links to the source, rather than coping the image to my disk and then uploading it. The benefit of the URL method is that you are not infringing any copy write (I hope).

Apart from the paste an image URL issue. The rest of Word looks pretty much the same. The only new feature I did spot, having a poke around, was a navigator for an outlined document. I’m an inveterate outline user, for documents which I am preparing for work, and will take this new feature for a test drive when I have the chance.

There is another new feature, which I’ll need to explore. This is a new feature (or a better exposed feature) which is the Research Sources Options. Now there is a selection of providers (there is a long list of them), and capability to add new ones as well. I’ll have a go at adding Wikipedia and WikiDictionary to the possible providers (not sure how successful I may be, wait and see).

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