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Installing the Music Software on the New Machine


This is a continuation of the previous post, Setting Up The New Machine, and concludes the installation of the music software, and device drivers for my music hardware. The music software is a qualified completion, I suspect that I’ll be learning what I really need, and loading add-on’s  for some time to come.

The installation of the device drivers for the music hardware was a smooth process. There were no “hiccups” in that process. The installation of Sonar and Guitar Tracks Pro is was a mostly painless process. There were a couple of notable low lights though.

Windows Upgrade

After making the point in my previous bog post that Windows Update can introduce consequential update dependencies. I forgot my wise advice. Upgrade to Windows Ultimate did leave a number of Windows Updates which needed applying, and those updates did need to be applied from multiple invocations of Windows Update. That’s right update A installed some “stuff”, and then that “stuff” also had updates. The chain of consequential updates resulted in the need for subsequent invocations of Windows Update to get all of the elements of the Windows OS up to date.

Guitar Pro Installing

This did cause some issues. Let me hasten to say that most of the issues were with Guitar Rig 3, rather than Guitar Pro. There is a side issue with Guitar Pro, which is that Guitar Rig only installs from the Guitar Pro Install, rather than “landing” somewhere where you can install, or reinstall, Guitar Rig. I could have “peered under the covers” and located the install for Guitar Rig, but it was getting late into the night, and rerunning the install was simpler.

Guitar Rig Issue

This is an issue I struck with the licence number part of Guitar Rig. If I applied my licence number straight after installing Guitar Pro, Guitar Rig would start in “demo mode”, seem to not recognise the licence number, even though the “Service Centre” acknowledges that the licence number has been applied.

Guitar Rig Solution

The way that I found to solve the problem, was to restart the machine after installing Guitar Pro, and Guitar Rig as part of the install. Then after the machine has rebooted, I applied the licence number. This “solved” the problem, and my copy of Guitar Rig was licenced, and Guitar Rig not started in normal mode, rather than “demo” mode.

Windows has a “bad habit” of keeping some system changes in a “pending pile” until the machine is restarted cleanly (not a crash restart). You see this sometimes with the “installing things x % done, please do not turn off the machine” massage when you shut down a machine. I guess, or suspicion points to, that something in Guitar Rig was in the windows “pending pile” until the machine was restarted.

The Sonar X1 Install

This one went smoothly as well.

There is a question early on in the install asking if you want the 32 or 64 bit version. I’ve opted for the 64 bit version. I’ve no idea whether this will prove to be the “wisest” choice. I guess that I’ll find out as I learn how to do things with Sonar.


The end of the process on a late night was a welcome relief. All seems to be up and running OK.

I now start crawling up the Sonar  learning curve. These thing are “big” pieces of software. Finding ones way around, and learning how to do the things I want to do will not be a simple process. A 1800+ page Reference Guide gives some idea of the size of the product.

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Cakewalk Software on a Touch Screen Windows 7 Machine


A couple of days a go I posted the following question on the Cakewalk user forum site:

Basically, I was asking if anyone in the user community (well, just those users who use the community forums) has any experience using the software on a Windows 7 Touch enabled PC. To date I’ve yet to get a single reply to the question. Which either means:

  1. It all works perfectly and “Why as a redundant question?”,
  2. No one has attempted to run the software on a touch screen enabled PC.

Either way, I’m left wondering what whether the software “plays nice” with a touch screen interface.

Taking the Plunge

Well, I’m about to find out the “hard way” if the software “plays nice” with a touch screen interface, or if the software simply needs a mouse to function. I’ve a touch screen Windows 7 machine on the way, and the one of the first thing I’ll do is install one of these software packages.  That is after making sure the machine set up and configuration is what I want, rather than the machine builders standard build (that could take some time!).

The Questions

If you have any experiences running either Sonar X1 or Guitar Tracks Pro 4 on a Windows 7 Touch Screen interface, please leave a comment on this blog, or point me to others peoples experiences. My searching of the internet did not turn up anything which was current on the subject.

If you have experiences with other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation : Wikipedia » Digital Audio Workstation) software, please leave a comment here as well. I’m interested in what does work in this area.


Given the lack of comments on the topic on the Cakewalk users forum, I suspect that I may be “boldly going where no man has gone before”.

Rest assured that I’ll be blogging my experiences, “the good, the bad and the ugly” of getting all of this up and running.

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