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Merry Christmas, one and all!

Well I’m sitting back with my feet up ready for the arrival of Christmas Day.

The presents are wrapped, a longwinded operation. Made longer by me loosing the self-adhesive tags for the presents. That, resulted in another trip to the shopping mall. Finding a park in the parking lot was not too much of a bother. Getting another bunch of stickers did not take too long. The plus was that I took the opportunity to buy lunch, at 2:00, from Bakes Delight (I do enjoy their Mexican Pizza).

My contribution to Christmas lunch was some single serve pavlovas. They do seem to have worked out ok. The proof of the pavs will be in the eating tomorrow.

A tip for those using Glad Bake on baking trays, spray a bit of oil on the tray, keeps the baking paper “nailed down” when your working with it.

The mini pavs kept the oven tied up most of the morning, with the 1 hour baking time, and the cooling off period as well. So, the ginger biscuits which I was going to make fell by the wayside.

I’ve also invented a new mythical monster. The “house monster”, which eats the things you have lost in the house. I think It should have a children’s book written about it. Or, maybe it will be a bit of colour added to some of my fantasy writing.

Also, I’ve taken a new Microstoven Pie dish for the first baking. I’ve made a ham and egg pie, or a ham quiche. The pie dish has worked very well. A bit of a spray of oil before putting the pastry (frozen short crust ready rolled) into the dish.

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My Pantry – Products that work for me

Another in my what works for me in the pantry list. Previous blog post was: My Pantry – What Works For Me.

This post adds another couple of finds in the supermarket.



Comments Usage Notes
Leggos – Pancetta, Sundried Tomato, Chilli & Herb

Another great stir through sauce for pasta. There is a very nice splash of chilli in this one. Pour some in a bowl, put the hot pasta on top. Then add some parmesan cheese and stir sauce through the pasta. Job done, could not be simpler.
Creative Gourmet – Frozen French Crepes

These are simple great crepes. I’ve used them for dessert, but you could use them in a savoury way as well.
They are all in the one, plastic bag inside the box, but the ones I was using did separate without any problems.
Simply put on a microwave save plate, or bowl, and heat (according to the instructions on the box).
Top with maple syrup (the real one, not the imitation), or whatever you choose.
S&W Home Style Blue Cheese Salad Dressing (could not find a link for this one)

This good, rich and strong blue cheese flavour, in a creamy salad dressing. I used this to use as a dressing for a potato salad (just cubed, boiled potato), the result was very acceptable (if you like blue cheese – which I do).
Just be a little frugal with the application of the dressing, it is quite strong, Tags: ,,

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Quick Crepe Dessert

This is a quick dessert tip.

Simply, these frozen crepes Creative Gourmet French Style Crepes, are very good.

How good? As good as a home made one, with no preparation, no standing over the stove trying to get the cooking time correct, and no cleaning up after. They are good enough to eat with just some good maple syrup (the real stuff, not imitation).

Preparation is simple, just a 1 ½minutes in the microwave on 75% power (2 crepes). The result is a pair of warm crepes, ready for you have hot. Just add some maple syrup, or ice cream, and there you have a quick dessert.

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