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SOA Web Sites by Thomas Erl (and associates)

This collection of web site links for the SOA Books and associated materials.

Site Comments
What Is SOA A site with some good overview, and introductory concepts materials.
SOA Books This is a site which lists the SOA books Thomas Erl has had a hand in. All of the books are published by Prentice Hall
SOA Patterns This site has a list of the design patterns identified in SOA implementations. It is really a companion to the SOA Design Patterns Book. The detailed content on the is very brief, you probably need to have read the book to make use of the site.
SOA Principles This site has a list of the SOA Design Principles. It is a companion to the SOA Design Principles book. The detailed descriptions are quite brief, and reply on you having read the book.
SOA Glossary This could be a very useful glossary of SOA related terms. One of the big issues which introducing SOA will  always run into is the terms used in a SOA can have “overhanging” or “residual”meaning from other contexts. Having source for a glossary which you can use to standardise the language will be very useful.
SOA Posters Download Page

This page has two posters:

  • the SOA Principles poster. This poster is a good summary of the design principles.
  • the SOA Design Patterns Reference poster. A high level summary of the SOA design patterns. Again, a good “quick reference card” to the details of the pattern in the book.
SOA Methodology An introduction to a design and development methodology for SOA. Again, probably needs the book to really get more than a couple of quick tips from the site.
SOA Specifications A useful set of links to all (probably) the standards which are used in the SOA arena today. It makes a handy quick reference into the variety XML based standards used today.
SOA Schools Certification Want to become a SOA Certified Professions, here the place to start. I have no idea of the quality of what is offered, or the general acceptance of the Certifications which can be gained.
SOA in the US DoD Site dedicated to the implementation of SOA in the US DoD. The links to documents here may be helpful in SOA implementations in other large organisations.
SOA Magazine Magazine site, claims the current issue is 23. The link to find the past issues is at the bottom on the page (in fine print – not the easiest thing to spot).
WS-* Standards Reference Site with links to some of the WS-* Standards.


SOA Design Patterns

SOA Principles of Service Design

Web Service Contract Design and Versioning for SOA

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Concepts, Technology, and Design Tags: ,,

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Key Thought while reading SOA Concepts, Technology and Design (part 1)

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Concepts, Technology, and Design

What I intend to do here is pick up the key thoughts, and concepts which I encounter while reading the above book. This one of a couple of SOA books I’m reading currently.

I’m not coming into this discussion of SOA without any previous experience of the topic. So, hopefully the will be more than a 101 level discussion of the concepts.

The “A” in SOA is important to understand. Architecture here is driving at a vendor, and technology, agnostic concept. This concept of the “service orientation” of the components which are integrated into an implementation. The service components “publish” a definition of the service they provide through the service contract (the semantic meaning of what the service does is something which a WSDL contract does not contain – we need to look to other standards and development to see this materialise). The services communicate through messages (which should be self contained and governing objects). 
Web Services are the current way that these aims are currently achieved. In is important to understand that “just using web services” does not make a system SOA. Web services are just a technology platform which allows the implementation of SOA. Tags: ,,

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SOA: Principles of Service Design

This is a very good summary of SOA Service Design Principles. SOA: Principles of Service Design Poster

I’ll comment on the content, in a later blog entry.

This will probably be the start of series of entries dealing with:

  • Establishing a SOA Architecture in an enterprise,
    • Establishing the principles of “SOA good service design”
    • Establishing the implementation of “SOA good service design”
  • BPEL – Build service orchestration
    • There is bound to be some interesting thoughts on Security, Compensating Transactions, and other BPEL issues
  • BPMN Diagramming – Describing Business Processes

I’ve a number of the SOA books on order at my favourite book shop (Dymocks – Belconnen). The poster is some of the additional material from one of those books. So, there are bound to be some comments on the value of the books, and what they have to say.

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