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Guitar Chords–Finding a good printing piece of software


I set out today to find a piece of software which make neat prints of guitar chords. This turned into a long winded process of downloading trial version of software and seeing what they would do. In the end I think I found what I was looking for (well almost).

Enter QwikChord 3image

The main screen is shown across. The “Show Toolbox” button only becomes available with the paid version. The Tool Box is where the fun starts, and where the software starts “ticking the boxes” I had as far as requirement.

The other point in the software which “ticked my boxes” I’ll cover then the rest of this blog post.

The Tool Boximage

This is the first part of the match up between my requirements and the product. The ability to select the symbol (and I prefer dots, or circles in black).

There are other symbology’s which I may come to understand one day, but for now, black circles is what I wanted.

The “Decoration Color” is another element which comes together to help make this do what I want. The decoration colour of Black draws the dots, the decoration colour of white is what puts the fingering umbers into the dots.

Fret Textimage

This is the next part of the jigsaw which helps this product do what I wanted. The “Fret Text” lets me put the fingering number into the “black circles”.

You need to “right click” the dot to get the “Fret Text” box to pop up. But once there it is easy to enter the fingering number into the dot.

The Copy Functionimage

This is the next to last function in the product which really made the choice of it easy. Why, because many of the products I looked at would not let me do just this, copy a chord into the windows clipboard. Such a simple feature, but without it how do you set up a chord sheet for a song? You end up resorting to all sorts of windows tricks to do it. That was not where I wanted to go, I want simple when doing things like this.


There is one option which makes making chord diagrams a snack. This is the clipboard size option. Initially, it set a 87 (if I remember correctly), I’ve upped it to 120 which makes readable chord diagrams.

What this magic little parameter is is the y size of the bitmap image that this tool places onto the clipboard. Increasing this value get the product making bigger images.



imageThese are a couple of examples from the product (no finger numbering in these – as I know them).

Wish list

  • I’d love the ability to enter the chord name and get a diagram.
  • I’d love the ability for the product to put the fingering in by default.

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