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Universal flu vaccine one step closer – health – 21 October 2010 – New Scientist

The following is an interesting development of flu vaccines.

Universal flu vaccine one step closer – health – 21 October 2010 – New Scientist.

I’d like to say “Isn’t is wonderful what medical science can do today!”, but I cannot.

The discovery of a protein on all flu strains which can be targeted as a universal site for a flu immune response is really a wonderful step forward. The potential to defeat the flu’s annual mutations is a wonderful step forward.

This discovery is more about the developments in the following areas:

  • The gene sequencing technology of today. This is, curtosey of the human genome project. The human genome project has made the cost of sequencing a genome far cheaper. The human genome project speed the development of techniques and technology which allowed the project to be completed.
  • The power of modern computers. The development of more powerful computers, at affordable prices, has meant that the analysis of the flu structure could be conducted. Hence, the identification of the prospective protein site on the flu virus.

All one can add to conclude is:”Let us all hope they get this figured out before a pandemic mutant of the flu virus evolves”.

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