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My Pantry – Products that work for me

Another in my what works for me in the pantry list. Previous blog post was: My Pantry – What Works For Me.

This post adds another couple of finds in the supermarket.



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Leggos – Pancetta, Sundried Tomato, Chilli & Herb

Another great stir through sauce for pasta. There is a very nice splash of chilli in this one. Pour some in a bowl, put the hot pasta on top. Then add some parmesan cheese and stir sauce through the pasta. Job done, could not be simpler.
Creative Gourmet – Frozen French Crepes

These are simple great crepes. I’ve used them for dessert, but you could use them in a savoury way as well.
They are all in the one, plastic bag inside the box, but the ones I was using did separate without any problems.
Simply put on a microwave save plate, or bowl, and heat (according to the instructions on the box).
Top with maple syrup (the real one, not the imitation), or whatever you choose.
S&W Home Style Blue Cheese Salad Dressing (could not find a link for this one)

This good, rich and strong blue cheese flavour, in a creamy salad dressing. I used this to use as a dressing for a potato salad (just cubed, boiled potato), the result was very acceptable (if you like blue cheese – which I do).
Just be a little frugal with the application of the dressing, it is quite strong, Tags: ,,

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