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My Pantry – Products that work for me

Another in my what works for me in the pantry list. Previous blog post was: My Pantry – What Works For Me.

This post adds another couple of finds in the supermarket.



Comments Usage Notes
Leggos – Pancetta, Sundried Tomato, Chilli & Herb

Another great stir through sauce for pasta. There is a very nice splash of chilli in this one. Pour some in a bowl, put the hot pasta on top. Then add some parmesan cheese and stir sauce through the pasta. Job done, could not be simpler.
Creative Gourmet – Frozen French Crepes

These are simple great crepes. I’ve used them for dessert, but you could use them in a savoury way as well.
They are all in the one, plastic bag inside the box, but the ones I was using did separate without any problems.
Simply put on a microwave save plate, or bowl, and heat (according to the instructions on the box).
Top with maple syrup (the real one, not the imitation), or whatever you choose.
S&W Home Style Blue Cheese Salad Dressing (could not find a link for this one)

This good, rich and strong blue cheese flavour, in a creamy salad dressing. I used this to use as a dressing for a potato salad (just cubed, boiled potato), the result was very acceptable (if you like blue cheese – which I do).
Just be a little frugal with the application of the dressing, it is quite strong, Tags: ,,

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My Pantry – What Works for Me

The premise that a product will end up on this list is simple. That the product has to have worked for me.

I am always looking for the quick, and easy, ways to produce a meal for myself. I’m a cook who cooks for one, so an elaborate evening meal for one, is often not on the cards. Mostly my evening meal needs something quick,easy, and tasting very good.

This is a list of the things which have gone through my pantry which I find good, and will use again.

Product Rating Comments and Uses
Latina Fresh Fettuccine Great pasta, what you would expect from a quality Italian restaurant.
It is in the refrigeration section in the supermarket.
Leggos Calabrese Pasta Sauce Very good pasta sauce, for something out of the bottle. If you want a great pasta sauce, then you have the job of making it.
Very nice tomato and capsicum flavour.
Lasted OK in the fridge, no instant mould problems. Tags: ,,

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