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Dirty Trick Some Shareware Installs Do – Plus How to fixes


I’ve “got the pip” with shareware installs which do stuff to your machine that they should not do (my opinion).. So, after cleaning up another “mess” from a shareware install,  I have decided to write this so that others can “clean up the mess” that some shareware installs leave as well.

Maybe, just maybe, if enough people read this, and learn how to “remove the mess” that shareware installs leave behind, those producing the “mess” will give up causing us the inconvenience of removing it afterwards and stop making a “mess” in the first place.

Adding their site as a homepage in Internet Explorer


When you open internet explorer, you get the products web page, as well as the site you want as you home page. This can be very annoying, and very simple to undo.

How to Undo:

From The Tools menu item in Internet Explorer select the Internet options menu item image

This will give you the following dialog. Remove the web sites you do not want opening automatically as you home pages. The use the OK button to save the changes. image

Add a Tool Bar to Internet Explorer you did not want


You’ve a tool bar you don’t want!

How to Undo:

Tools -> Manage Add-Ons


The just find the “offending” Add-On and disable it. There are a couple of places to find it in, but looking at all of the things added to Internet Explorer, you should be able to find the ones you want to switch off.

Adding something extra into your system start up


You have a new, and unwanted, notification icon in the system tray.

The shareware throws up a nag screens, either each time you boot up, or periodically.

How to Undo

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> System Configuration -> Start Up Tab image

Turn the tick off (set a Date Disabled) for the things you don’t want.

Warning: Turning off things which you don’t understand could you problems, just find the software vender, software name for the thing(s) you wish to kill.

<Apply> and the <OK>


If you have read to here, then hopefully you now feel equipped to go and clean up the “mess” shareware installs have left on your machine. I wish you good success in removing those bits of the products you did not bargain on getting in the first place.

If enough people learn to remove the “mess” from shareware installs, maybe the people writing the shareware installs give up on making the “mess” in the first place. I hope this blog post goes some way to spelling the end of these “nasty habit”.

PS: Spread the word, remove the “mess”, and take control of your machine again!

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My Thoughts on moving my blog to WordPress from Windows Live Spaces

I’ve been “um’ing and er’ing” about the move of my blog from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress. I’m pretty certain that the move is for best from my personal perspective.

Windows Live Spaces was the place started blogging. So, there is a degree of sentimentality about the passing of a site where I learned a bit about blogging and “living part of my life in the internet”. But, there were a couple of things which happened on Windows Live Spaces which started to “switch me off’ blogging, and the service. These things included:

  • Killing  the traffic statistics. There was a bit of a “storm” of protest about the Windows Live Team, removing that facility. For me, it was one of the points of interest for me that I was getting readers to my site, and one of the underlying motivation for blogging in general.
  • Comment Spam. I received a couple of doses of that over the years I was on Live Spaces. It was “a bit annoying”, but not a real big problem. It was a bit of a “problem” to find at times. I guess that being from Microsoft Window Live was a bigger target on the spammer ”hit list”
  • Layout. Windows Live Spaces had things which seemed to be tucked away in “funny places”. Navigation around Windows Live did take “lots of trial and error”.

WordPress A Move for the Better?

All things considered I think so. It is nice to move to a blogging platform with following features:

  • Traffic Statistics. These are a source of inspiration for a “blogger like me”. So, having traffic statistics again does provide encouragement to my blogging efforts again.
  • A logical, menu based, site layout. This site really works, the layout of the features is “pretty good” (not perfect, but then nothing in IT ever is). I’ve not been in a quandary about to find options (most of the time), or wondering about how I found that option last time.

Also, just settling in WordPress does “feel” welcoming. I’ve been reading some of the posts about moving to WordPress from Windows Live, and the efforts of the community, and site hosts, do make moving into a new “neighbourhood” much less “painful”. The following are just some of  links of information about blogging on WordPress and information for those (like me) making the migration from Windows Live Spaces:

What Will I Miss From Windows Live Spaces Blogging

There are a couple of things from the Windows Live Spaces Blogging which I will miss (and this is by no means an exhaustive list, only what I’ve found thus far). These features include:

  • Lists of Books, linking to Amazon for the cover art, and details. This was something which I did enjoy having. It added a bit of “colour” to the blog layout, and was a very useful piece of functionality.
  • An Internet Explorer, Blog This on Windows Live Spaces, accelerator. It would do a bit of “magic” and create a new blog post with a link back to the article. It was handy for both, blogging about something which I found on the net, and for creating links to pages on the net (much quicker than copy and post the URL, the Title, and a Quote (if you wanted that as well). I’ll have to have a read up on creating accelerators for IE, then I’ll decide if I want to create one.
  • A Windows Live Writer’s good integration with the Blogging host. Ok, I’ve just installed 2011, and there are could be much better integration with the features of WordPress (tags in particular).

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