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My Back – Done it Again


I managed to tweak my back a couple of weeks ago. Not enough to slow too much down, but enough to irritate the structure muscle and nerve of my lower back. But, that was only the start of the troubles.

We have at work on of those “deckchairs on the Titanic” exercise happening this week. A shuffle of the workgroups on level 1 is happening and my workgroup is being moved. Not so bad,  “par for the course” in any building, moving sections around a sections grow and other things shrink.

Well, this was bad news for my back. Although, I tried to plan boxing the boxing up activity so that I was not doing things which would aggravate my back. The process of packing up all of my reference library into boxes for the move, has raised the level of irritation for my back muscles.


I found this little “electric blanket” in the shops yesterday Breville Digital Heat Pad. The only thing which is digital on this is the display, but I guess that the marketing man thought the calling it a “digital” would sell better. Really, it is just a small electric blanket.


Does it Work?

For me the answer is a definite and resounding YES.  It is very effective at “pouring heat” into the irritated muscles of my back. The heat has both muscle relaxing and restorative properties.

The medical, and physiotherapy, professions would say that the heat is stimulating the blood flow to the area. This increased blood flow simulates the healing process.


I have been using one of of these Elastoplast Hot/Cold Pack. Another product which works, but the constant cycle of soaking it in more hot water, is a bit of a problem.


  1. Breville Digital Heat Pad highly recommended.
  2. Elastoplast Hot/Cold Pack works well for a short term problem.
  3. Moving a section is a pain in the back! And I am only half way through the process. Wednesday, bring the unpacking in the new location.

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