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An interesting first week

Well, week one down, in the new job. It has been an interesting week. The highpoints of the week included:

  • Getting a work pass. As I mentioned in this previous post The First Day in the New Job getting back that piece of identity was an important step in the starting in a new organisations process. It certainly put me in the “I’ve started” a new chapter frame of mind.
  • Two days of Scrum training in the Old Parliament House. Scrum is an interesting approach to the development of software, focused on a couple of key points:
    • Getting the feedback loops working effectively. These are loops within the team (facilitated by the daily Scrum Meeting), and with the Product Owner, and users.  How Scrum would work in an maintenance environment is one question I’m not sure of the answer of. I’ll probably blog more about scrum and its benefits, pitfalls, and outcomes as I see it in action.
    • Getting a team of developers to self optimise. One of the purposes of the Daily Scrum is to give to team an opportunity to self optimise. The premise which is at play is the teams commitment to getting the product done (the definition of done is something which is negotiable in the scrum methodology).
  • Finishing playing “bouncing ball” (I hope). The last part of the week had me at one desk, and my IT equipment installed at another. Hence, the first bounce (to the IT gear). Then I expressed the opinion that the initial location was probably the most effective for the work I have ahead of me. Hence, the next bounce, back to where I started, after the equipment was moved. It took some time for the network to be activated in my new location. But, by Friday afternoon, I and my IT gear have landed in the location I think will be the best.

The “sideways points” (not sure they were highpoint, or low points either)of the week included:

  • Being invited to participate a staff selection process. This is one thing I did do a lot of many years ago. My journey through the previous organisations IT ranks did not include performing this function. So, another job to do, but not one which I have any worries about performing (apart from the time which the process will take out of the week).
  • Moving from home baked DVD’s of music, to an MP3 player. I was advised that the unofficial policy is not to use home cut DVD’s or CD’s. So, I’ve acquired a 16meg MP3 player. I’ve probably spent most of the last 24 hours loading, converting from wma to mp3, cleaning out image files which are of no use. The nett result will be a goodly slice of my music collection on the player. Converting lots of wma’s to mp3 has shoehorned a significant amount of extra music onto the device. I’ve a bit of rock and blues on there at present. I’m also toying with the idea of building a manager program to do the following:
    • Automate the conversion of wma’s to mp3’s.
    • Clean out the “redundant files”.
    • Help identify (and remove) the duplicates (the problem arises when different albums have the same songs on them – best of collections do this quite frequently).
    • Give a more convenient interface to mange loading music to the unit(s) (I suspect that this will not be the only mp3 player – I love a variety of music to listen to). I’m starting to get feed-up with Windows Explorer (it does the job, but could be a bit more friendly for the task).

The “backwards steps”. The major ones in this category are:

    • My previous organisation. Why? Well they forgot to pay me for the bulk of the fortnight I was working there. A phone call on Thursday uncovered the fact that they had “forgotten me”. The promised that they would pay me by Wednesday. In their defence they have the pay system in apoplexy trying to put through the pay rise. The back pay from which I’ll have to chase as well (I suspect).
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