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Toasted Muesli Recipe

IngredientsMuesli 002


  1. Preheat oven to 150° C
  2. Line a deep baking dish with baking paper.
  3. Mix and melt the honey, brown sugar and olive oil in a saucepan.
  4. Mix the remaining ingredients.
  5. Add the honey, oil and sugar mixture, mixing well.
  6. Pour into lined baking dish, and bake for 25 to 30 minutes, stirring occasionally (every 10 minutes or so).
  7. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. It will set into a clumpy mass. When cooled, break up the clumps and store in an air tight container.

Recipe Notes

  1. I’ve used Light Olive Oil. I did not want the full flavour of a Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  2. I’ve used Grey Gum Honey in this batch. It is a lighter and softer honey.
  3. I’d be tempted to lightly toast the sesame seeds first. Just put them into a non-stick frying pan over a low heat, toast until there is just a touch of colour. I’ve the feeling that the sesame seeds are getting a bit lost (flavour wise)in the final product.
  4. Brown Sugar, is the soft brown variety. You could probably substitute an equal volume of golden syrup.
  5. 3 Cups of Oats may seem a bit excessive, but in the final muesli it does not seem to dominate.


In a word delicious. I had to put it into the storage containers, otherwise I  would have kept picking at it.

Like all recipes, feel free to add or subtract as the mood takes you.

Some ideas for variations based on some geographical themes:

  • Tropical flavour (building on the coconut flavour already there), try adding dried mango, dried pineapple and banana chips. I’d probably not put these through the oven, I’ve no idea if they would burn and ruin the batch. I’d just add these  after the mixture has cooled after baking.
  • European winter feel, try adding dried pear, dried cherries and walnut pieces. Replacing the Soft Brown Sugar with an equal quantity of Golden Syrup, may also add to the European winter flavours.
  • Middle Eastern feel try dried figs, dried apricots, sultanas and raisins.  Also, I’d add a teaspoon of cinnamon into  this as well.

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Date and Walnut Load

This is a recipe which uses the packet mix as the base, but then adds my own extras.  I’ve made this variation many times and it is very  quick and easy. The reason I make it often is because it does not require beating, just tip all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well. I just fold the mix together with a soft plastic spatula.

The extras (Craig’s embellishments on the basic packet mix):

  • About 75g of walnut pieces. I’ve tried whole walnut halves, and walnut pieces, the walnut pieces are the quickest and simplest. But, if you need a stress release, breaking walnut halves up is quite pleasant.
  • ½ to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (vary the measure according to your taste – I like cinnamon so I use closer to 1 teaspoon)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

The only divergence from the method on the packet is to melt the butter in the microwave. I  measure the 40g of butter into a large glass bowl, zap that in the microwave for 15 second. Then add the water, the egg, vanilla, cinnamon, walnuts, and the packed mix. Then mix well in the one bowl.

Result: Very good. The packet says that it serves 10. I’m luck to have ½ left on the day I bake it.

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BOSS eBand JS-8 Predefined Patches

Patch Number Patch Grouping Patch Name
P001 Blues Bluesy Crunch
P002 Blues Blues Lead
P003 Blues American Legend
P004 Blues Blues master
P005 Blues Deluxe + boost
P006 Blues Tweed Lead
P007 Blues Blues Session
P008 Blues JB Good
P009 Blues Early UK Blues
P010 Blues Sweet Home
P011 Blues BadCo.
P012 Soul Funk Funkmeister
P013 Soul Funk Tight Comp Clean
P014 Soul Funk Delayed Twin
P015 Soul Funk Groove Clean
P016 Soul Funk Groove Lead
P017 Soul Funk Crunchy Trem
P018 Soul Funk Crunch Phase
P019 Soul Funk Fat Clean
P020 Jazz Contemporary Jzz
P021 Jazz BG Fusion
P022 Jazz JC-Chorus
P023 Jazz Rat Lead
P024 Jazz Warm Clean
P025 Jazz Dist Delay
P026 Jazz Clean Phase
P027 Liverpool VO Crunch
P028 Liverpool VO Drive
P029 Liverpool Match for Chord
P030 Liverpool Revolution Fuzz
P031 Liverpool Honky Tonk
P032 Liverpool Gently Weeps
P033 Liverpool Spy Theme
P034 Liverpool Day Trip
P035 70’s Hard Rock Stack Lead
P036 70’s Hard Rock Clean Reverb
P037 70’s Hard Rock Rock Crunch
P038 70’s Hard Rock Rock Riff
P039 70’s Hard Rock Clean Vibe
P040 70’s Hard Rock Deep Highway
P041 70’s Hard Rock JB Lead
P042 70’s Hard Rock Swamp Rock
P043 70’s Hard Rock Erupting
P044 70’s Hard Rock Walk That Way
P045 70’s Hard Rock Texas Riff
P046 70’s Hard Rock Texas Tusher
P047 70’s Hard Rock Freedom Bird
P048 70’s Hard Rock Rocker Bottom
P049 80’s Metal Tone Journey
P050 80’s Metal 80s Loud MS+OD-1
P051 80’s Metal Metalcat
P052 80’s Metal Chorus Lead
P053 80’s Metal MS Riff
P054 80’s Metal More Than Lead
P055 80’s Metal Flange Clean
P056 80’s Metal Photo! Riff
P057 80’s Metal Meltdown
P058 80’s Metal Mull It Over
P059 80’s Metal Broken Dime
P060 80’s Metal Effected Q
P061 Modern Metal Modern Higain
P62 Modern Metal Solid Scoop
P063 Modern Metal R-Fier Lead
P064 Modern Metal Clean Theater
P065 Modern Metal Bulls on Rage
P066 Modern Metal Blood Reign
P067 Modern Metal Down Sickness
P068 Modern Metal HiGain Metal
P069 West Coast Deluxe Lead
P070 West Coast Long Train
P071 West Coast Drive Phase
P072 West Coast Chorus Twin
P073 West Coast Pro Crunch
P047 West Coast Reelin Clean
P075 West Coast BG Delay
P076 Fuzz Rock Uni-V Lead
P077 Fuzz Rock 60s Fuzz
P078 Fuzz Rock Creamcrunch
P079 Fuzz Rock Fat Fuzz
P080 Fuzz Rock Cross in the Road
P081 Fuzz Rock Wing Ballad
P082 Fuzz Rock Raw Fuzz
P083 Fuzz Rock Fuzz Boost
P084 Studio Smooth Lead
P085 Studio Classic Studio
P086 Studio Deep Ambiance
P087 Studio Natural Crunch
P088 Studio Warm Overdrive
P089 Studio Modern Studio
P090 Studio Summer Clean
P091 Studio Match Solo
P092 Studio For Acoustic Gtr
P093 Progressive Fuzz Echo
P094 Progressive Clean Rock
P095 Progressive Rotary Control
P096 Progressive Spanish Hwy
P097 Progressive Pan Drive
P098 Progressive Tokyo Dreamland
P099 Progressive Reverse Delay
P100 Progressive Spacy Flange
P101 Progressive Octave Lead
P102 Surf Rock Surfline
P103 Surf Rock Light Fuzz
P104 Surf Rock Surfing Bird
P105 Surf Rock Combo Drive
P106 Surf Rock Clean Solo
P107 Country Country Meister
P108 Country Driven Twin Dly
P109 Country Country Crunch
P110 Country Country Boogie
P111 Country 50’s Guitar
P112 Country Crunchy Apartment
P113 Country Stack Solo
P114 Punk Pop Grunge Spirit
P115 Punk Pop Driven Rock
P116 Punk Pop Sedated Punk
P117 Punk Pop Radio Creep
P118 Punk Pop Green Punk
P119 Punk Pop DS Drive
P120 Bass Slap Limit
P121 Bass Clean Comp
P122 Bass Bass Drive
P123 Bass Extreme Drive
P124 Bass Finger Octave
P125 Bass Sens Slap Wah
P126 Mic Deep Reverb
P127 Mic Short Echo
P128 Mic Medium Delay
P129 Mic Long Delay
P130 Mic Short Ambience
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